BarSculpt socks
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BarSculpt is a group and individual exercise program created by dancer and fitness professional Leslie J. Guerin. Offered initially in her Portland, Maine studio BarSculpt is now taught by highly qualified and trained fitness professionals across the country.

This is not your ordinary Barre workout. BarSculpt is Pilates Evolved. The unique combination of high-energy cardio, strengthening and stretching results in a long, lean flexible body. Whether you are an avid runner, Pilates or Yoga practitioner or just looking for a way to get in shape, BarSculpt is an effective and safe workout.

Experience BarSculpt and see how you can:

* Increase endurance

* Strengthen your core

* Tone your muscles

* Lift your posterior

* Stretch it all out

* Build a Long, Lean, Flexible Body