About Leslie Guerin, creator of BarSculpt

Leslie Guerin is the creator and driving force behind BarSculpt. A 20+ year fitness professional with accreditations through Pilates Method Alliance and Pilates Academy International she has taught fitness classes and provided personal training and Teacher Training services throughout the continental U.S.

After completing a degree in Theatre at the University of Southern Maine Leslie moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. It was in New York that she found her passion for the Lotte Berk Method (LBM) and Pilates.

Leslie began studying with Lydia Bach, who developed the Lotte Berk Method named after her teacher, and was the originator of Leslie’s favorite part of class, RoundBack. The Lotte Berk Method was a New York fitness institution for over 35 years. Leslie immediately fell in love with the freedom of movement within the class structure and credits her time studying and teaching LBM with giving her the foundation to develop BarSculpt. During her time in New York Leslie also studied and taught Pilates.

The idea for BarSculpt was conceived when Leslie moved from New York to England. Without a ballet barre or a reformer Leslie began to creatively integrate the Pilates neutral alignment with the variations of the Lotte Berk Method. Soon she structured a complete program and BarSculpt was born.

In 2006 Leslie began offering BarSculpt classes out of her own studio in Portland, Maine. Its popularity caught on quickly and she began training other instructors in the BarSculpt method.

BarSculpt is not a fad or just another Barre class. It is a program that works for a lifetime and makes you feel and look great. It is functional fitness, regardless of your current fitness level or experience BarSculpt will change your body and your mind about exercise.

Leslie is passionate about bringing BarSculpt to new students and training instructors in her method. She is committed to making sure BarSculpt instructors receive on-going support and now everyone has the ability to access to barre and Pilates classes on her streaming workout subscription!

Try it once and see why BarSculpt is fitness for life.

Vitality, Strength, Flexibility

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I have learned you are only as strong as you are flexible.

Leslie Guerin

BarSculpt and Pilates