Reservations are required for all classes.

All classes are subject to cancellation without notice. Please see the online schedule for the most up-to-date schedule. If you are enrolled in a class, you will be contacted by email about the cancellation.

All clients are required to wear grip socks for all classes.

For your safety, clients who are late to class need to be prepared to do a warm up as instructed by the teacher.

After 10 minutes classes will be closed and no admittance will be allowed for your own safety and to minimize class disruption.

Should the studio/instructor need to contact clients in regards to cancellations or other changes, they will do so first by email and, only if necessary, follow with a phone call/text.

Instructor changes may occur without notice.

All class cards have an expiration date.

Those who purchase single classes or class cards, and do not give twelve hours notice of cancelation, will forfeit a class.

Clients may receive a 5% discount for every new client they refer to BarSculpt. Discounts may be redeemed up to 20% on a single transaction.

BarSculpt does not offer refunds on purchased services.

After one month all items left at the studio(s) will be donated.

BarSculpt is not responsible for lost or stolen items.