Barre: This class is barre with or without a ballet barre. The class will balance your body front to back, side to side and leave you feeling rejuvenated and strong! Within this 55 minute class you will use small hand weights, a wall or chair for balance and a yoga band or dog leash for stretching. You can choose to have your zoom camera on, or just listen as Leslie moves you through each exercise expertly cueing you for better performance and safety.

Pilates Mat: Joesph H. Pilates called his method Contrology. Once you try a Pilates Mat class you will see why. We move the body within all planes and target not just the larger muscle groups but the smaller ones as well. Pilates commonly only uses your body and a mat, however at times we will add a small ball or hand weights to challenge the core further. You will end class feeling stronger, taller and decompressed! This class is taught through zoom so you may prefer to keep your camera off, which is always fine, or leave it on and Leslie or Meredith can help guide and perfect your workout!


Walking Pilates: Pilates on your feet! Take your pilates workout to a cardio level! You’ll warm up, use hand weights all while staying on your feet! This class is taught through zoom so attention to detail is important as this class does have a higher level of coordination. However if you are up for a fun 50 minute class join Leslie and get ready to work your body! This class is not recommended for clients experiencing any joint pain or current ailments or injuries as being taught through zoom.


Reformer Pilates: If you own your own reformer and want a guided workout with Leslie, join this class! Regardless of the brand of your reformer we will work together to balance your workout and keep you moving from the comfort of your own home. Class is 50 minutes, taught through zoom and requiring some proficiency with Pilates and a reformer for best results.