Pilates Reformer: The Pilates Reformer is apparatus that provides finely tuned resistance with a series of springs and ropes. In a small group setting, Reformer training builds strength without "bulking up", while improving flexibility and balance. This class is designed with your specific needs in mind. It will improve strength, coordination, stability and develop optimal core control. The pace is moderate yet challenging, and will heighten body awareness and provide an invigorating total body workout.

Five Crunches

Small Group BarSculpt: This is a small group version of our popular BarSculpt barre class limited to 3 participants. You will be challenged further and gain even more strength, balance and flexibility. BarSculpt is inspired by the Lotte Berk Method, BarSculpt classes are best described as Pilates evolved, allowing both men and women to find more ease in movement, coordination and flexibility. Exercising has never felt or made you look better. Get prepared to build a strong core, improve your posture and focus your mind with BarSculpt!

Pilates Mat/Wallboard: Pilates Mat and Wallboard were both developed by Joseph H. Pilates. This class will teach you the foundations of Pilates Mat and add intensity by spring tension to take your workout to the next level.