BarSculpt creator Leslie J. Guerin began her fitness career in Manhattan while working as a professional actress. In New York, she had the pleasure of studying under Lotte Berk Method founder Lydia Bach. Inspired to teach, she went on to study Pilates and Personal Training and to hold certificates in both. Upon returning to Maine and opening Pure Movement, Leslie began building a method combining the strengths of all three disciplines.

After years of honing BarSculpt, Leslie’s passion is bringing this fitness class to new students and teachers to share its power and grace.

Experience Barsculpt and see how you Can

Increase Endurance

Strengthen your core

Tone your muscles

Lift Your Posterior

Stretch It All Out

Build a Long Lean Flexible Body

The Barsculpt Team


I have learned you are only as strong as you are flexible.

Leslie J. Guerin

BarSculpt and Pilates

Do something for your own mental and physical well being.

Annie Bishop

BarSculpt and Pilates

Annie Kloppenberg


Meghan is certified in Pilates as well as licensed in BarSculpt and has taken extensive Anatomy and Kinesiology courses. Find her in group classes or private training - she is excited to continue teaching and learning!

Meghan Ash

Pilates and BarSculpt
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Amanda Jacobsen


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