A new service is coming to town

Maybe because I've been doing business in Portland, Maine for 13 years, or maybe for many other crotchety old lady reasons.. when asked by a company that allows clients to buy a punch card and use it at any participating fitness studio wanted me to join... this was my response.

Dear Business-

As discussed, my business is 13 years old and has just done a MAJOR downsize from 1600 sq feet to under 400. I only allow 3 people per class. I ONLY want clients that not only want to learn and get results, but who can afford to come. I'd like to get paid AND pay my bills.
Using a wildly know company that discounts your prices WILDLY was the reason I moved my business to a different location at year 7... it almost made me close my doors... because they didn't care to learn my business before asking me to cut my prices by 50% and then i only received  25% of that. They can put up as many rules about one per person, new clients only... but i'm a mom and pop shop... I know my clients lives... i have to say yes to the 10+ year relationship standing in front of me.
I will no longer discount my service. That's the end result.
I also work with a similar operation that is much smaller, because it helps people pay for fitness through health insurance.. there is honor in that. Even though I've received very little from this service (maybe you should give them some pointers). I am not fond of Non-competes. It's limiting and I feel stops growth and community.
I respect what your company does... and of course wish I'd thought of it... it's a brilliant idea. But in practice I know it's not a fit for me or ultimately my clients because I'd rather make full price off 2 people in class than a third on three spots.
I offer more than just a workout my job promotes  a way to combat aging aches and pains and gives extra armor to my athletes. I don't want to fill an empty spot just for $, I want to fill that spot with someone who wants to be here.
I'm sure you will succeed in this town. As much as Portland Maine has tried to be true to locally sourced, Maine made and family owned and operated ... we are becoming what other cities are... cookie cutter.
I hope that helps..
Best of luck...