Post Covid Fog

Post Covid Fog

Last Thursday I tested positive for Covid.

This week, I am back in the studio and feeling good... however there is a big of lingering fatigue and the mental fog I've had for months is still ever present!

I wanted to take a few moments and just thank all my lovely clients, friends, family and community at large for support. Calls, offers to bring me anything I need and generally just checking in with me was so heart warming I cannot truly place it into words. I am blessed to be surrounded by such great people and I may not mention that as often as I should.

Today will mark my first workout in a week and I can tell you that I am dreading it. I am dreading the all too familiar feeling of "this is all I got today?" I however know that I will sleep better and thank myself tomorrow when the next workout gets easier. I want to remind you all, that even though I am a fitness professional, I do NOT workout all day. I have highs, lows and nights with too much wine and cheese! I understand your struggles, personally. However I am also here to encourage you, demand your best and be the cheerleader/coach for your ultimate goals. I guess for the first time in a long time, while being sick, it hit home that I am seen as me, vulnerable, fallible and stinkingly human.

Thank you all! I love you!


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