Do you want to look like an athlete?

Do you want to look like an athlete?

In 1999... I usually would do the math for everyone and tell you how long I've been teaching, now that math is too complicated and stating the year is just easier.... I started at The Lotte Berk Method. While I was signing my contract... that was clearly typed on a typewriter... my manager Elisabeth mentioned how hard the training would be. In the conversation she mentioned that "to look like an athlete, you have to work like one." That may not be her line... I would actually be surprised if it was... but the motivation hit hard and in not the way you would expect. At 23, five foot one and 96 lbs on my heaviest day... I wasn't in fitness for looks. My work ethic is strong and moving my body is where I felt most at home.

As I hit the benchmark of literally teaching barre for 23 years, 1/2 of my life, I realize I still am most at home while moving. I discovered during the pandemic shut down, I get anxiety. I did not realize this motivated my moving constantly habit, but it has. When I move I also eat better. It's funny when you have to move the bacon cheeseburger around the next day, you may not order it next time... or at least when you do.. you KNOW what you are doing.

I will not tell you that BarSculpt classes will allow you to look like an athlete, because it's a complete lie! Nutrition, sleep habits and overall attitude towards health has EVERYTHING to do with ones outward appearance. I will tell you, I am one healthy lady for someone turning 46 next month. Maybe I am at the age that I will not gain another three quarters of an inch this decade, like I did in my 20's and 30's... but now I'm shooting for not shrinking. I may weigh in at 113 on my light days and fluctuate daily. My worth, my ability to teach, my commitment to health should all completely be unaffected by the scale or height chart or even the size pants I wear now. I win at that most days, but some days I hate that I can't fit into my favorite (fill in the blank). All I know is a day after taking a barre, pilates or bounce class I FEEL fantastic! My body feels more user friendly and my mood... well ask my kids... my mood is always better after a workout! Hell ask my clients, they are aware as well!

So as much as I understood the goal of looking like an athlete for my employer... it has never been a goal of mine. I want to push to be my best today in every possible way, and I know moving my body is how I achieve it. Join me for a session... you will love how you feel, look and respond to movement that inspires you. You are not just a bag of muscles to sculpt. You are an ever changing, growing, learning human! We might not conquer your (insert hated body part) but you will learn its overall function to why it needs attention and balance.

I thought it time to share my actual goals. The one that gives myself space after an overindulgent night. The one that donates the clothes that fit differently and embraces my new shape. The one that knows if I ever herniate a disk again, and gain weight again, that I CAN still have a fitness business and look any way I look... because I am not a good teacher because of my measurements, I am a fantastic teacher because the movements I teach my clients are the ones that ground me!

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