Getting a little help from my friends!

Getting a little help from my friends!

The studio is growing! These words couldn't make me happier!

Annie Kloppenberg, whom you all know and love, will be back teaching reformer! Starting in April on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, join Annie for a reforming good time.

It has been so nice having this space expand. Each day when my regular clients come in the comment on how I am continually moving the equipment around. Having the flexibility to house a reformer class and a barre class comfortably is my ultimate goal. As of today all three reformers are facing out the Congress street windows, which is not only beautifully sunny, but also the windows are open and breezy!

The ballet barres in this space have been a bit of a pain. The flooring was put over carpet and the walls are made of multiple different things but mainly have layers of paint and plaster making a good barre connection a challenge. So I have decided my barre class will be done on individual barres. The beauty of this is we will be able to wheel them out of the way for Pilates Mat classes or really for any other reason.

So the long and short of it all, is at the moment I have three reformers and only one individual barre (I was making sure I like it), more of both are in the works.

So please let me know how you are enjoying the new space. Let me know if you need more class times... but most importantly put your hands together and welcome Annie Kloppenberg back to BarSculpt!! WOOT WOOT!!

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