BarSculpt and Back Pain

BarSculpt and Back Pain

I have been teaching barre for 23 years and pilates for 21 . The first 20  without any injury. In May of 2020. The first week in May, I could not get out of bed. I'm not sure why exactly. I really didn't know at the time. In hindsight it was over exercising for anxiety control and a failing marriage. Regardless, the entire weekend was spent on my back or butt. Being a fitness professional, and a mover equip to heal, I didn't see my doctor. I had good days and bad. I got chiropractic adjustments, then added Physical therapy adjustments and stayed away from all pain killers the best I could except on the days I couldn't sleep. Biofreeze became my best friend.

November 2020 is when I finally got an MRI. I had two herniated disks... so climbing Katahdin in September was probably not the smartest move, but it felt fine to walk and stand, just rounding my back or twisting, or picking up laundry or emptying the dishwasher.. you know everyday living things. I got steroids and waited to talk to a spine doctor. Basically in the end I gave up and did the heavier drugs, then went to Advil for another 2 weeks and got the pain to go away with just walking each day.

Then I added back in movement slowly and without flexion!

Fast forward and I can now honestly say, I have learned a LOT more about back pain.

Those who have been coming to my studio for the last 16 years know I've always been a stickler for neutral pelvis and spine. Well that is in the end ALL I could do to heal. I had to say goodbye to my logo's trademark RoundBack and exercises like Teaser and the Rollup. The good news is.. not forever. With the first half of Barre and a 25 minute rehabilitative routine on the reformer, I am back to doing all the things I did before. RoundBack is actually the exercise that adding back in, gained me more lower abdominal strength and back flexibility to get all the other exercises back as well.

The downside, long car rides still suck. I drove 3 hours last weekend to pick up a new ballet barre for the studio and I did feel it the next morning. The upside, I didn't feel it while driving or when I got home. So maybe I should have just done some stretches.... hmmm stretching.. something one should do after being static in one position for hours... who would have ever thought that would be a good idea!?!?!?

YES! I am just like you! I forget to stretch, after a long ride. I forget to drink water when it's cold outside. My point being let us all be kinder to ourselves. But also let us all respect the fact that moving through pain can be helpful. I would recommend private training instead of classes if you are new to your injury and hoping to find modifications and a routine that works for you.

I would love to help you. I really believe that BarSculpt heals!

Happy Ides of March!


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