Adding another reformer!

Adding another reformer!

This week marks another fun addition to the studio. As of today BarSculpt again has 4 Pilates Reformers!  This addition makes it easier for you to come at the class time that best fits your schedule! The newest addition is special to me as it is a Stott Pilates, now called Merrithew, reformer. I originally trained in Stott Pilates in 2001 when I started. As many of you know reformers are like cars, they all theoretically do the same thing, but the bells whistles and HOW they do it vary.

This metal, rugged reformer allows you to place your hands by your sides while lying down and as a teacher I never have to wonder if you are holding the carriage in place with your hands in exercises like shoulder bridge. The rails are also wider and flat which allows exercises with your hands on the rails to be a lot more comfortable then the Balanced Body wooden, or Peak Pilates metal reformers already in the studio. This reformer also has a Jumpboard! With three jump boards I will also be adding a jumpboard class to the schedule! Please reach out if you have preferred times for this.

I am excited to share the joy of pilates with you!

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