15 Years!!

15 Years!!

Untethered would be the best one word description of my summer, what would your word be?

I have found it hard to be connected. Connected to self, others or even my recent memories of what weather should be like during a Maine summer. The constant change and in flux that has been the collective experience for all of us has taken a toll. I find myself saying "I feel bad for X", as I realize in the same breath I've said the same sentence moments before for a totally different subject. Yes, I imagine it sucks to be parenting small children who cannot be vaccinated and now only know a world with masks, or older children who are missing out on the rights of passage we promised them, or to be like me, a grown ass adult and still walk into places forgetting your mask and feel like you are back at the dinner table being yelled at to eat your peas. I know that being vaccinated is no longer enough, but it is another pivot I was not planning on.

There is no winning at the moment. Not outwardly in my opinion at least. I have decided to take this summer to focus on self... which I can say has been a bit easier as my children were away being summer camp counselors for most of the summer. I have focused on a morning and bedtime routine. Making to do checklists and also allowing myself to SUCK at all of it. I say this to you all as I sit to invite you all to the 15th year of my small business. To help me celebrate what you have all helped me create and to pull me back, tether me if you will, to the knowledge that we are stronger together and I do actually like people!!

The near future is just as up in the air as the last 18 months, virtual classes are not going away! Masks are not going away! The learning how to live with this virus, and likely other viruses, is bankable. As a small exercise studio that insists that you work hard (read that as breath heavy and sweat) it leaves me feeling blue. I am a vaccinated individual who will wear my mask to keep you all feeling safe to sweat and exhale loudly in my presence, but for some that is not enough. I wish I could help you all get back to class. I also understand if you'd prefer to be in the studio alone, instead of in a class. I can work with you, schedule a call with me so we can brainstorm how to get you all that you need. I'm keeping my prices low, classes $15 for virtual and in-person no apparatus or $30 in person apparatus. This is to keep you moving, keep us all at our level of comfort AND to rebuild the community I feel we ALL NEED!

Join in the 15 year celebration by coming to the studios Open House Thursday September 9th. Come to class, or email Leslie@BarSculpt.com to schedule a 15 minute meeting or zoom call with Leslie to ask questions and get a (virtual) tour of the space! All who come in person or schedule a zoom call in advance, will receive 15% off any one purchase!

I hope to see all old and new faces in the very near future!

High Five,



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