What is Walking Pilates

What is Walking Pilates

I started teaching Walking Pilates years ago after the Bounce classes became popular. Many clients wanted to try the rebounding class but were struggling with lower body joint issues or injuries that prevented jumping. Walking Pilates takes most of the impact away.

The class starts standing with a isolation warm up and moves into more expressive movements. Coordination and challenge is added in a stacking fashion so you are able to bring the workout up or down to the level you are at that day!

Check out this excerpt from class

This class is proving to be loads of fun for clients at home in their living rooms, it is way easier to follow along than a traditional mat Pilates class as you are not lying down the entire time, which can be hard to see your screen. Reach out to Leslie if you would like to try a class privately or purchase a video to use whenever you’d like to at home!


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