I worked at The Lotte Berk Method in New York City as a barre teacher.

This handout was one I was given and asked to put in my notebook (which we were all required to have, which is a huge foundational piece of my barre teacher trainings. Learning the Lotte Berk Method was the coolest way I had ever taken a teacher training... it was more like a paid internship and was also extremely inspirational. I do not use images from this book in my training but I do know the influence of Lydia Bach and my time at the Lotte Berk Method is priceless. I also I do catch myself saying beautiful I do have clients take both hands off the barre and I do my best to avoid single clients picking exercises for the group as only I, the leader has the knowledge of all the ailments and injuries in the room.

If you have any questions on my teacher training please reach out! I promise you WILL feel the burn and you do learn standing pretzel!

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