Personal Touch to Online Teacher Training

Personal Touch to Online Teacher Training

Last month I had my 21st anniversary of teaching fitness. I count this as it's easy for me to remember. I graduated from college in 1999, moved to NYC and the Lotte Berk Method was my first REAL job. I had taught dance in High School and College and danced since I was two years old. However alike you think they are, fitness and dance are very different.

As I reflect on this labor, as most of us have been asked to do with Labor Day just passing, I find it challenging to skip over the fact that my teacher training is not like the ones I have designed. I know anyone who knows me immediately thinks I am referring to the a neutral pelvis, as that is the MAJOR difference between BarSculpt and many other barre methods you will practice. But I am actually referring to being taught alone. Yes I took the group class that I was learning to teach, twice a day five days a week. I also observed one class each day, live, while I commonly sat on the floor in the doorway and watched and took notes about what the TEACHER was doing. Studying the corrections, writing down any that seemed new or interesting to me. Then I would meet with one of the three mentors in the method. Fred Devito, Elisabeth Halfpap and of course the owner and creator of the Lotte Berk Method, Lydia Bach. Now the time spent one on one with these teachers varied. I spent more time with Lydia then the rest, as they had me in the Bridge Hampton studio near her house. Lydias interest in me and excitement to teach me is why I love teaching teachers today.

Why is this important now?

I have developed BarSculpt Teacher Trainings Level 1-3. Over the last 13 years I have honed this skill and made some major changes. As some of you may remember the course was 40 hours done all in one week and you learned all three levels at once. It wasn't until at the end of one week I looked at the entire group and realized they all looked so bogged down with information. It was TOO much! The levels are now palatable amounts of information! However with the onset of Covid which quickly followed the completion fo my online teacher programs for Levels I and II, I've realized that this is a much better way to learn. You are given classes to watch, do and learn from as well as a manual and added information relating to anatomy and group class teaching. This method is working tremendously well. However the personal touch is missing, the ability to ask questions live. So if you are interested in learning WITH some personal touch using my children's hybrid model of schooling this year, I have decided to use my online teacher training along with personal training time. You will get the freedom of the online learning & the ability to have live zoom personal sessions with me during each section. Please forward any questions about this new program to me directly

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