The Championship Game

The Championship Game

Recently while in a conversation with my sister, Laurel, she told me that I should write a book. I answered with “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

She quickly replied, “at the beginning, silly!”

This has stuck with me for the last week or so. Not because I’ll be writing a book anytime soon, but because I often find it challenging to find the beginning, or see the forest through the trees. This fault of mine, let’s just call it that because I cannot see how this would be a strength, has me understanding more now exactly why teaching BarSculpt & Pilates has been so successful for me.

Both methodologies have ingrained structure. Rigid and exact structure that takes the client, and the teacher into a pattern of success. The levels, the building off the foundation from one exercise to the next. As I prepare my third level of Barre Teacher Training for it’s live zoom training on August 7th. I keep realizing that there comes a time when the foundation is so strong, one can play. THAT is level III. Level III is the championship game, the dissertation or the degree! Level III is where the foundation gets tested. What I am loving about this journey is Level III is not where any client (or teacher) lives. Basketball players end their season with the championship game, not their careers, just as the dissertation or degree is just the beginning of a new chapter of life.

The foundation that Level I barre teacher training set up is so strong that the changes and additions made in Level II invigorate instead of aggravate the body, mind and spirit. Level III will add the need to focus so to gain the ability to challenge balance, strength and flexibility!

I love my job! I love BarSculpt and I love even more the fact that I get to share it! I know that regardless if you teach barre or any other form of fitness, these trainings will give you the foundation to be the most sought after teachers!

Join me in August for Barre Teacher Trainings Level I, Level II and Level III! Online options are also available for Level I & II both allowing 8 continuing education credits for the Pilates Method Alliance.


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