Change with Scheduling Online Classes

Change with Scheduling Online Classes

What a difference time can make. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows it takes seconds for life as you know it to change forever. However the last time I experienced collective change to this scale was when I watched from the roof top of 501 Fifth avenue building as the first twin tower was being engulfed in flame. I could look down at Fifth avenue and see the standstill. Cars stopped, some standing outside looking down the island in complete disbelief. September 11, 2001 will always be a struggle for me, and I know I am not alone. I struggle mainly because I cannot disconnect from my experience well enough to truly hold space for anyone else’s. Which is annoyingly troubling for me. Was it because I had recently lost my father? Was it because I was wondering why I was still in NYC after realizing on tour that doing the same play 150 times was NOT what I wanted? I’m not sure. I can only speak from my perspective and not unlike anyone else’s it is fueled by my experiences or lack there of. I still struggle with movies and conversations about 9/11 because I am reminded that I am part of a whole and there are times when actions of a few effect all. Will What we are experiencing now be the same? Covid-19 is shaping up to be this type of global inhalation. This standstill. This dual between what was and what will be. In the moment we just have to try hard not to blink to miss the next move. During this time I feel we all are trying to sharpen our instincts, close our eyes and blindly feel our way rather than following what has been our collective truth. Maybe we all come out of our houses and lockdown with a better understanding of critical thinking. Maybe we will be building communities of families, businesses and faith from a framework of mutual love, respect and natural truth instead of economic standing and excess. AHH a girl can dream.

As I stand in wait, staring at my past and trying to figure out the future for BarSculpt a few things have become clear. BarSculpt, like my children’s school, can redirect to a new way of operating. And although ripping the bandaid off may hurt A LOT, the healing at the end will be best. Mindbody is the bandaid I need all my clients to rip off from scheduling class this way. After 14 years of business and 13 years with them, I need to break away. Doing business as usual to keep it simple and seamless for my customers stopped working when we went online. I realize this change for me effects each and everyone of my clients.

To sign up for classes hit ~Schedule~ on Pick the class you would like to attend. Enter your email (that is necessary) and hit finish. You will be directed to PayPal to pay. Once you have scheduled the class you will get an email (maybe check junk or spam if you do not see it right away) as this email has a link. The link will bring you to your customer panel which has your schedule AND zoom links attached.

I understand change is... well change. I am sorry to burden you all with one more thing to make it difficult for you to move. It’s a move I’ve needed to make since I changed the studio name from Pure Movement Portland to BarSculpt and with all the moving of spaces it never made sense. As a small business small savings add up quick.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage. I look forward to “seeing” you in class soon!

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