Decision Time

Decision Time

Dear dedicated BarSculpt community member,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying sprummer. The warmth has arrived and I am hoping it will stay. The sunshine shed light on the fact that Covid-19 has definitely changed my business and it is time for me to make an announcement. It is almost impossible to express my love for this community of movers and to thank you all for your undying support. When I opened 14 years ago I had no idea what a lovely group of people would gather around my passion. I watched clients become friends, I mean besties, not just causal acquaintances that you see at the gym, but I’ve seen that too. I have shared the growth of my children, they were only three and one when I opened. My life, Your lives, have all changed a lot. I’ve watched and trained many of you through your pregnancies, weddings and marathon/triathlon goals. I’ve loved watching job changes, house moves and heartaches turn into triumphs! I love all of you , and I LOVE PORTLAND. I will be the first to tell everyone without hesitation, that Portland is the best place on earth. I am privileged to have roots here, though I am always happy to see, we are accepting of newbies. I grew up here, I watched my parents own businesses in Portland (They owned a bar (not barre.. bar). I went to High school in Portland. I went to college in Portland. I had my 21st birthday party in the old port and they STILL let me open a business here at the age of 30. I just turned 44. I still love my job. I still love my community and am proud I have helped provide a space for nurturing of relationships to happen. I am honored that you all provided me an opportunity to share my passion. But I have to make decisions not based on just my heart, pure grit and desire to continue. The future for BarSculpt has changed. The future for all of us has changed.


BarSculpt classes will still be available for a group, and an excellent group price ~ Virtually


BarSculpt classes will still be available for online streaming on demand ~ virtually.


Those wanting to learn how to teach BarSculpt & Pilates can still do so ~ Virtually.


For the near future BarSculpt will not have a brick and mortar presence. Our website and online platform will be all we have to offer.


I hope you all understand that to keep my family safe, as many of you know I have a healthcare worker as a husband and we have high risk family members in our circle, safety takes precedence over all else. To keep them safe, to keep you safe and to keep moving safely forward toward gathering together again, I have chosen to step back. I’ll be back. We will gather again.


I as always appreciate your support and feedback.


Stay safe lovelies!

Leslie Guerin Canto

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