BarSculpt has a sock rule!!

BarSculpt has a sock rule!!

In 1999 I started at the Lotte Berk Method. I was told not only do I need to wear socks but they have to match or be darker than my pants. No joke this commonly got me in trouble (I had some wild pants and a lot of white socks).

The sock rule stemmed from my time at The Lotte Berk Method. It is hygienic and it keeps the heat in so your muscles stay warm when you are exercising! Also.. feet are gross... okay I'll admit that is a personal feeling, but your hands and feet are the first places to sweat and as a teacher who corrects posture a lot, I may need to touch you... and guess what? I do NOT want to touch your wet feet!

As if that wasn't enough to go on. The ballet barres are also porous. They are not treated because they absorb the sweat giving you a better grip and ease of movement... however you don't want to put your yucky sweaty feet on the barre then your hands and then maybe put your hair up.. EEEEWWWWWW.


So BarSculpt has a sock rule... do we get it now?


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