My Point… Aging Sucks

My Point… Aging Sucks

My husband and I were on the motorcycle this past weekend. We drove to a near by lake view restaurant, played mini golf (I lost by 2 points but I did get one hole in one 🤩) and then it started to rain. Alright it wasn’t a full on rain, but it was more rain then I have experienced before on the back of a Harley. So we decided to stop At a bowling alley near by.

The bowling alley was AWESOME!! Not only can you choose to bowl Candlepin or Big Balls, but they have corn hole among other games and a huge patio with fire pits and live music! After bowling for the first hour, we quickly paid for another hour and WOW where we really trying to up our candlepin game! The highest score we got was a 90. So I feel like we were getting somewhere.

The morning of this adventure I had worked out, BarSculpt (of course), so  WHY OH WHY do I wake up on Sunday with my left backside aching. Yes, of course, the lunging from bowling for two hours. Fine. But REALLY? I mean I’m 43 and fit. I should be able to recreationally mess around with movements without feeling like a robot needing oil the next day. But I did. Actually it’s three days later and after 2 reformer classes and a walk in the woods I am still a bit off balance, my left hamstring is a very loud crier at the moment.

My point. Aging sucks.

No really.. my point is that I cannot imagine the pain I would be enduring had I not done barre that morning. I am grateful for my workouts more and more now as I struggle with not being where I was 20 years ago, but so happy to be where i am now. BALANCE!! Thank the heavens BarSculpt barre has it built into the movements so my brain can struggle with all the other things in life that need it.

If you do a one sided sport and need a balancing workout BarSculpt is it! But maybe don’t start by lunging on the same side for two hours straight out of the blue... I was a weekend warrior and I felt it!

Happy Taco Tuesday Y’all!

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