Today marks the two year anniversary of meeting my husband. We connected through and we kept communication to a minimum before we set a time to meet. We met at a Starbucks. I walked there from work, it was the middle of the day and I didn’t even change out of my work clothes (yoga attire). I’m not actually sure what I was expecting, but I can guarantee I was not prepared for what I got.

I always wanted to believe in love and first sight. I now have proof it exists! Chris is my person. He is the person that grounds me, calls me out on my bullshit and quells my fears.

Time is so crazy. Two years seems so small. But so many things have happened in such a short amount of time. This month marks my 20th anniversary of moving to NYC. This is my 20th year with a Theatre Degree and my 20th year of teaching barre classes.

It’s just odd that life can change so dramatically so quickly. I knew that when I lost my father suddenly (19 years ago and I can still remember him like he’s standing next to me), but I didn’t realize that these life altering changes can also happen for the better.

My point being that if you are in a phase of thought that changes happen TO us, or that the changes happening are all negative... I want to remind you that true love can find you in your 40’s (or later), that careers can start before you realize they have or you can just look at your life with as a blank canvas AT ANY time and paint what you want!

I am forever grateful that I walked into that Starbucks, and although Chris and I have both wondered why we didn’t meet sooner.... I know I wasn’t ready for him earlier. The universe does provide, but until two years ago I was not very open to any changes... as I thought they were all bad.

So lets all be ready to change, to be changed and to accept the changes!

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