Starting something new?

Starting something new?

I know even for avid exercisers it is nerve racking to start all over with a new fitness type or even a different sport. Many people, especially athletes will tell you the benefits of cross training and mixing things up, and I am not going to disagree. But I will say that I have been doing barre classes for 20 years and they still work. Has my body changed.. HELL YES, I'm 43 not 23! But I am healthy and fit and although I could NOT run a marathon, I am in very good health.

I attribute my health to the methods I have chosen to not only teach but to do. Barre and Pilates both give you the balance and flexibility needed to combat every day life. It allows me to keep on trucking without injury. I am grateful and I think that more and more people should try it. My suggestion is to maybe start with a private session, especially if you have ailments or injuries that may need personal attention (modifications).

I would love to hear what people fear most about a barre or a Pilates class so I can do my best to answer.... ask away!

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