“Thank you! I feel stronger already!”

“Thank you! I feel stronger already!”

My clients leave feeling that their time was well spent. What a bonus added to the questioning of the body shakes/fatigue they felt midway through the class, that has now been stretched and replaced with an overall feeling of vitality! You are stronger after your first class... because you have been triumphant over something new.

Aiming to make your body the hard working efficient machine it is designed to be, is not always easy. We all have days when we want to take short cuts during our workouts or skip them all together and just sit on the couch. Balance is key. Be kind to yourself... but set boundaries!

Listen, I personally like to move. I've been told I am hardwired for perpetual movement. I feel better, sleep better and have much more patience with the world around me when I've expelled some mental and physical energy. That's what BarSculpt is. It is not a punching bag that i get to take my anger out on mindless of my form. It is a 55 minute class where I dig deep to push myself in the most anatomically correct positions so I gain balance side to side, front to back and within! The within is the difference between BarSculpt and Barre classes. The within is the difference between structured systematic methods and a typical group fitness class. When one strives to challenge oneself to do better in each movement gauging the differences the body gives, day to day, week to week and year to year comes quickly. BarSculpt, like Pilates, promotes the balance of mind and body needed to dissipate fear of injuries when striving to try new athletic activities.

So yes, you will feel stronger after the first class. Then you'll feel tighter after the third. Next you'll feel like it's never going to get easier and ask me if you'll ever stop shaking (the answer is probably no). The key is to remember the strength from the first class, the tightness from the third and the weakness from the shaking and PUSH through, stick with it, follow through. Regardless of if it's once a week, three times a week or every damn day. Give yourself the gift of the struggle to align your bones, muscles and mind, to arrive at strength and vitality in Mindy, Body and Soul.

Add BarSculpt to your running schedule, swimming regimen or cycling training and quickly notice how much better your other activities become. The goal in BarSculpt is never the finish line, it's attention to details within each exercise being executed with precision and mindfulness. It's a gift to take away the goal being placed at the end. (There is a reason why I don't care how many classes you've taken... because each one can and should bring some form of enlightenment to YOU! If I calculated how many times I've done class... and how many times I didn't do a full split... I may NEVER do class again). Let your goal of running longer, swimming without pain or cycling a race be the attainable goal that BarSculpt WILL easily help you achieve!

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