Why no RoundBack under the barre? WARNING: RANT COMING

Why no RoundBack under the barre? WARNING: RANT COMING

I have forever been annoyed by barre classes that call themselves barre classes but don’t use the foundational information that creates a barre class! Now I am strictly speaking about barre fitness classes not ballet barre classes which are technique based for dancers. Fitness classes are NOT for dancers... but that is an entirely different blog! I have always told my clients when they are traveling to look to methods that do under the barre... because if they do... they are well trained. If they don’t they are probably teaching a dance/cardio class (which is fine, just not the same thing). NOW I have to be specific. I have to say see if they do RoundBack under the barre. Leaving this section out... will absolutely NOT change your body the same way. The system is just that... A SYSTEM... take the oil out of your car... and lets see how well it works for you.

Now I trained 19 years ago where barre started (30 years before I worked there) at the Lotte Berk Method in NYC. Now that statement is not to create my Rockstar status.. although it does... it’s to let you know that BarSculpt was created based off the original. I didn’t change things to go with the current fads, or because I didn’t like to do or teach the exercises. I changed what I changed because of what I learned in my Pilates Anatomy class a few years later! Don’t tuck all the fucking time (again another blog).

RoundBack (look at the BarSculpt logo and you’ll see the shape we create) has you leaning against the wall, under the barre and lengthening your back and legs and outer hips and thighs. It’s placement in the class is also important.... but my beef today is that people are leaving it out. WHY? Well my first thought is because they are lazy. Not necessarily the teacher you have is lazy, but maybe her teacher trainer is. It takes TIME and SKILL and ATTENTION to DETAIL to teach RoundBack. It is the part of class that can easily leave a client feeling unsuccessful, which is NEVER the goal. But also it can easily aggravate the body if taught incorrectly. I get it. But the laziness of other methods is now telling clients that it’s bad, or unsafe or maybe just not good for you. I’ve been doing it for 19 years people... and I haven’t hurt myself because i do it right! Do you want to learn how to do it OR even teach it correctly. Email me (Leslie@barSculpt.com) and I’ll set you straight. Not teaching it is a disservice to the integrity of the method.


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