The Mind Shift

The Mind Shift

I started my weekend taking a barre class at a competing studio. Now you might think as a studio owner that i do this all the time. I do not. The reason I do not is not because I fear the competitors or personally feel threatened or do not like them, actually Portland Maine studio owners are all very accepting and supportive of each other with only a few exceptions. The reason I do not go, if for two reasons.

#1 my time is limited and I need to be sure I get a GREAT class in if I am going to attend

#2 I prefer to take classes from teachers I’ve trained at my studio, to check in with them, their work (also my work), and keep the quality of my studio high!

However this past Friday I went. I took a class that was taught by a former teacher of mine. It was a barre class. It was not MY barre class, and it also lacked the Under the Barre element that I tote to being the entire point of the class.

Now that all being said. The class was great. It had a slower pace, even though it was only 45 minutes and it still made me work hard. The class was all levels (much like all the classes at BarSculpt) and it felt accessible and challenging.

The mind shift comes here.

The class was wrong... by all accounts completely wrong by my barre class standards. Yet, it was correct in the terms of I got a workout, i felt challenged but  successful. The absolute must for any workout! And I need to acquiesce that it is also a barre class. It used many of the elements that the original does (the original being the Lotte Berk Method), but just mixed up in different order and scattered around.

So this is the shift.

BarSculpt like The Lotte Berk Method) is safe to do every day of the week. It is designed with timing, structure of elements and anatomical alignment to bring you back to your bodies ultimate balance. It works your sides (front and back) and all of your muscles groups to the appropriate fatigue and then stretches them.

So you ask.. Leslie what is your point?

The point is I’ve been trying to qualify even for myself the difference in these classes and why my body (and mind) react to the changes (regardless if I like them). The answer it is within the known structure where we can find our strengths and weaknesses. It is also within that structure we can improve and correct them. So now I’m less angry if I look at the other barre classes as I would a yoga, boot camp or TRX class. Just different. Something to do to test your strength and challenge your brain... but the baseline, the body coming back to balance will still be better found at a BarSculpt class.

I will forever be surprised at how long it takes me to find the simple truths in life. But I am very grateful to Sandy and her class on Friday for shedding light where I have needed it!

As always I would love some feedback!


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