My Mom always said…

My Mom always said…

With Mothers day coming up I am quickly reminded how much my mother does for me. That realization comes quickly with how much I do for my kids and mostly don't realize because they are my little people and I love them to bits. But WOW does it feel nice to be appreciated. Many of my clients are moms. I would say all of them have or have had a mom... it's a universal understanding.

I hear myself say "My mom always said to stand up straight..." and then I go on to explain how I thought that meant sticking out my ribcage which actually made my lower back (lordotic curve) even worse. My point being... is that even when we TRY our hardest to follow directions or someones advice it is ALWAYS up for personal interpretation.

As a teacher I see people interpret my intentions differently ALL the time. Whether it is a new teacher reading my instructions and doing something different (writing movement is HELLA hard), or a client taking my verbal cues in a totally different direction. These actions make me better, and they also make the client or new teacher better.

This week no matter what your Mom always said... Let's try to forgive ourselves for going our own way, having a different view, or simply being change!

I strive for my clients to give me all the effort. I also appreciate when their honesty tells me they cannot.

Lets not be so rigid, but be IN THE MOMENT. Just one step at a time.


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