Teacher Training

Teacher Training

When I was hired to be a teacher at the Lotte Berk Method there were three things they were clear on. 1) The duration of your training depends on you - you will be trained like an athlete and you will be sore like one too, 2) Your training does not guarantee you will teach classes, 3) Dedication to the task is not an option. So, after agreeing to all of that and my new salary (yes, you received a salary to train), I was ready to begin.

Not everyone at the Lotte Berk Method was trained privately, but I was. I was required to take two classes a day and watch one, while taking notes. I, effectively, created my own manual (as we didn't get one) each day as I took notes.

I find it extremely valuable to have teacher trainees witness (watch and take notes, not actually do) a LIVE class. Within each moment of class the teacher makes corrections and handles common mishaps. This valuable time catapults trainees toward becoming more effective teachers. Watching, without participating in, a class forces trainees into success. Videos are simply not the same. Watching them does help with form corrections and timing, but not with learning to lead a group who may have questions, problems or simply need more instruction. Additionally, videos rarely include real clients or beginners.

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