My first barre class

My first barre class

Today one of my friends sent me an article. A great article actually with great insight about a clients first barre class. It has inspired me to TRY to remember mine.

My first barre class was at the Lotte Berk Method in the summer of 1999. I had just graduated from college and moved to Manhattan to fulfill all my dreams (what I didn't realize it was this job that would do that). I was nervous and hadn't danced in months, so I wasn't sure I was physically prepared to take class, but literally thought all the walking I've added since living in the city has had to keep me fit (NOPE).

The warm up started and I was completely engaged - hooked- and absolutely motivated to try to do my best. It didn't hurt that Julia Roberts was in the studio as well, I was a starstruck Mainer and hoped if I got this job I could hang out with super stars.

Come ThighWork I was shaking like I was having a seizure (I can say that as I had childhood seizures), and the teacher did express that shaking is good and not to be scared, or stop because of it... I kept thinking this has to go away (18 years later I still shake).

I didn't feel the SeatWork (butt) my first class on the correct side. We did an exercise called FoldOver and I remember feeling the side we weren't working (this happens when the abs are absent). This section also made my thighs shake again though so now I'm wondering if i'll make it through the class. I was clock watching and knew I had only made it half way through.

Bringing my mat Under the Barre seemed like we'd be sitting, so resting. Well that couldn't have been further from the truth. After the initial set up it became a mental puzzle to figure out how on earth to communicate to my body - I was so tired, and still shaking.

When the mats came into the center of the room for ab work I was thinking lying down would feel better. Unfortunately to the nature of the exercise we were taught I only felt my neck for the entire section. I was told that would go away (it didn't.. and is why BarSculpt teaches Pilates exercises for this section), however I was still keeping up and trying my best.

I left feeling that barre classes are challenging, but educational. I learned names of muscles, but more than that I had a great understanding of how strong (or weak) my body was. I was sore the next day and more sore even the day after. But I was hooked.

I recognize now in my own body after doing the same movements for many years that it teaches me where I can improve, and balanced side to side and front to back.

I invite you all to read the article that inspired me to write to you today about my first class. It's a good one!

Regardless of where and when you took your first class. I hope your teacher ALWAYS asks if you have any injuries and tells you how to modify if you do. This class is safe for ALL bodies and should be taught as such.

Best in health,


Leslie's favorite part, sitting down but there is NO rest. 

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