BarSculpt Playlists

BarSculpt Playlists

When you do our videos on our website do you play music? Or are you one of our BarSculpt (barre) teachers? Have you been utilizing the Playlists we've added to our League portion of the website. If so.. some extra instruction is needed on HOW to use or make a playlist for BarSculpt classes.

We want to start with something upbeat.
The first song should be three and half to four minutes and will get you from the cardio boost through front body.
The Second song (also upbeat) will take you all the way through reverse push ups (aka tricep dips).
Third is a stretch song
Fourth and Fifth are two EXTREMELY beat heavy songs to motivate you through thighwork
Six is a stretch song that will allow you to split your best!
Seventh is a bum lifting song
Eight is also for lifting but ALSO doubles as hip stretches so maybe a beat, but a little calmer.
Ninth is a three minute or slightly over song for RoundBack
tenth - thirteenth are upbeat songs that will take our from FlatBack to the end of Abdominals
Fourteenth is a stretch song for the start of our cooldown
Fifteenth is another butt blaster song for Back, bridge or Knee dancing
Sixteenth is the last cool down song.. think chiller than all the rest!

I hope that helps. If made this way, you may have to skip to the end of some songs but this one play list should take you through your entire 55 or 45 minute class.

Happy BarSculpting!

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  • Severina Drunchilova
    Posted at 21:32h, 12 April

    Very detailed instruction. Helps a lot in creating fun and effective playlists!

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