Should I do BarSculpt to lose weight?

Should I do BarSculpt to lose weight?

Should I do BarSculpt to lose weight?

This question is hard to answer. There are many reasons why one should workout while trying to lose weight. Also HOW much weight has a big effect on the answer as well. If weight loss is your goal, BarSculpt alone will not be your magic answer. Absolutely moving is an important piece to weight loss, but it is ONLY part of the complicated puzzle. So as an easy answer, NO!

That truly is a hard answer to write, mainly because I have seen many clients be very successful with BarSculpt as a major part of their weight loss program. But those clients did not do it alone! We (the teachers of BarSculpt) can help you physically.. but not with meal planning or even structuring your overall plan of attack. If you are looking for a health coach, we know many and can help you find one that can work with you on the crushing your overall goals, and we will work with them for our part in helping you succeed.

I hope this helps in keeping you coming to class, but also realizing that the class is designed to help your body stay balanced, back to front and side to side. This class will keep you moving through injuries and aid in preventing them. This method is to align your body in its most optimal state and to keep you moving freely without pain or restrictions. Sometimes weight loss is a happy side effect, sometimes it is not.

Feel free to ask me anything.. questions are my favorite!

Best in health,

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