Endless gratitude

Endless gratitude

Wow! What an amazing start to the second half of 2016. Over the almost 10 years I've been in business this is not the first time I am caught speechless with the endless dedication, encouragement and absolute support to my business, employees and now expansion. What a wonderful community BarSculpt has! I cannot thank you all enough.

We have expanded! We are now also offering classes at 116 Free Street inside of the Head Games Salon. Thank you all who joined us for our first 4 days of $2 classes. We will continue to offer #Poundfit classes at that price as Stephanie and myself are still taking the kinks out of this workout and want you all to enjoy the cardio addition of Pound!

We will continue to rework the schedule in the new space, so as always we would love your feedback. We have already gotten some comments and questions and regardless of it being positive or not, I cannot thank you all enough for caring enough to put your thoughts into print for us! It helps! I'm a business owner with a theater degree.. sometimes I need help seeing things from different angles.

Two questions came up the most!


" I cannot see the Free Street Schedule on the BarSculpt app." You are absolutely correct. We use #mindbody for our schedule and the app. The website schedule should be easy to navigate from one location to another (or see all) but the app will hopefully be updated by Monday evening with all the classes we offer.

" I cannot see the Schedule button on the website anymore." This is all my fault. Seriously. I asked our web designer to add a locations tab and separate the schedule by location in a drop down menu. He did what I asked, however now I see why I teach and not do web design. He's on vacation until the end of the month and it will be fixed. Until then.. please click the locations button to find our schedule.

"Does my membership work in both locations?" Yes, but you can still only sign up for one class per day! Class cards also work in both locations and are not limited to visits per day.


Pay and Display. The lot across the street from 45 Casco Street is now Pay and Display. It is run by a company called Unified please see their website for details about parking in their lots. www.unifiedparkingpartners.com

Free Street Parking. In the first week we have not discovered any trouble parking here at the Free Street location except when the Cross Insurance venue was SOLD OUT Wednesday evening for a Phish show, however there was still much parking at the Casco location and it's only two blocks away (seriously only at 3 minute walk)

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have and are very excited to continue improving our services and locations for your enjoyment.

Happy July everyone!

Leslie, Lacey, Dorienne, Stephanie, Annie B., Holly, Annie K., Severina, Jamie and Michelle

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