Happy 9th Birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday!

Time certainly does fly by.

Nine years ago I opened Pure Movement with my BFF from college Luca I. Richards. We spent six months planning. Luca was in charge of design and it turned out he was much better at raising funds. I scouted locations and spent hours with a coach at Portland City hall whom helped me plan everything from how to do a business plan to how to set prices.

Fast forward nine years and Luca, after selling me the business four years ago, is now living in Miami and is the director of teachers at Green Monkey Yoga. He has been missed in Portland and the studio took some time to understand it's position with only one driver at the helm. Well maybe it was also me who also need some time to understand what daily life was again without Luca.

We started with Pilates, Reformer, Yoga, BarSculpt®, Bootcamp, CARDIOLATES®, and personal training. Over the years we have had many many other classes offered such as gyrotonic, Buti Yoga, Pole Dancing, Hola hooping, Pilates for weigh loss, Pregnancy Fitness, and Healing Yoga. With all of these offerings the two most important things that I lost focus on were the clients and teachers.

I absolutely adore the clients that pass through my door. Yes we have had a few that we find are not a personality match, sometimes for me personally, sometimes for the studio as a whole.. but truthfully only a handful. I literally look forward to being part of my clients and teachers day, part of their health plan, and part of their overall lives. I'm happy that is so easy to be proud of what Luca and I built. I am elated that I get to spend my days on this planet doing work that I truly love, believe in and want to share.

I would like to thank Luca publicly for being a founding member for putting in the time of community service (as many entrepreneurs know) when we didn't take home minimum wage for the first 18 months. I would also like to thank him for being so dedicated to his craft of teaching and dependable to me as a creator that he tirelessly worked to support the development of BarSculpt even though in his heart of hearts he's a yogi. I would definitely not be sitting where I am today without Luca. For those who know him well know that means NOT just professionally. Luca and I have an amazing friendship. We've been family since we met. I am over joyed that he started this company with me and that when it was his time to move on he could do so with ease. If he ever needed a cheering section I hope he would put me as captain.. not only because of my bossiness but because I could seriously sing (yell) his praise for hours.

Nine years has flown by. My children are older… somehow I am not (wink wink).. many things in my personal life have changed… but all in all my one constant for the last 16 years is my love for teaching BarSculpt.

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