Are you married to your fitness?

Are you married to your fitness?

I am totally married to my fitness. I dated a lot of fitness routines while I was a dancer. As much as I love how aerobics classes tried to mimic the spirit of a dance class I missed the feedback, attention to detail and the lack of art. Though loved the ability to have be overly expressive or not at all. Learning in my arts training that our bodies are our instrument and we have to keep them fine tuned. I learned many methods that were very structured and balanced. Clearly this is what still speaks to me.

I will not pretend to know why Lydia Bach developed the Lotte Berk Method to be so routine and timed. But what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about it is even with strict parameters I still feel the sense of creative process as a student and teacher doing this class. There is FREEDOM in STRUCTURE. I am able to let go of the anxiety of the unknown exercises to come and to go deeper to the internal, almost meditative level, that brings me to a place that helps me listen to my body.

I married BarSculpt. I started at the Lotte Berk Method in late August in 1999. As I celebrate my 16th anniversary I would not change a moment of my marriage to this method. I have no injuries, ailments and take no daily medications. I have the absolute best job on earth and as a result have found that sometimes sticking to what works for you is what WILL work for you.

If you haven't found your fitness yet and haven't tried BarSculpt I urge you to. If you have found it and it is Yoga or Pilates or Running or the millions of other choices I applaud in your direction it should be celebrated when you meet your match!


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