BarSculpt® Warm Up points to consider

BarSculpt® Warm Up points to consider

Going through this years notes I have come across some class feedback for my teachers. I thought I would share those concerning the warm up!

* Ankle Under Knee when Bending up for Marching Leg Lifts

* Always bend your knees to pick up your weights

* Hips width apart… make sure you get what you ask for

* if you are counting every repetition you are missing something

* Shoulder over hips for FrontBody

* arms during front body should stay in front.. this includes elbows.

* Resisting the lowering of the weights- feel as though you are moving through mud

* Ribs stay connected to hips - not moving forward and back (AKA disco ribs)

* Avoid facing clients for stretches it can be VERY confusing

* Change the music for the stretches or turn it down a bit.. the class shouldn't notice this change.

* Try to avoid teaching through the mirror

* Watch a clients wrists while they hold the weights. Ideally the wrist would be straight with a light grip on the weight throughout.

* Bouncing at the knees is unnecessary.

* Perfect squat in down hill skier. The line created by the shoulder and hip should be parallel to that of the knee to ankle. NO TUCK in the pelvis

* neck should follow the line of the thoracic spine

* Keep the back heel down in the lunge Tricep position, Stacking the joints in the front of the lunge- knee over ankle. Your hand should be mid-thigh so you are not top loading your knee.

* careful to say PLACE the weights not DROP the weights 🙂

* Push ups are solid.. not leading with nose/head

*Childs pose is a transitional exercise, not one to hold but the head should drop down momentarily

* during Reverse crunch your eye focus should be where the ceiling and the wall connect.. in front of you and hips stay where they start.

* Easy Pose and Folded Fire Log are not the same thing and both are different than Criss Cross Applesauce.

* while stretching hips keep the energy in the stretch (not forward to the shins). The ankle and knee should be stacked if the ankle comes closer to you, your heel will hold up your thigh and stop the stretch.

*As a teacher you do not always have to be a perfect example, but you do need to know what you are looking for.

* Keep the back straight and upright during the arm stretches.

* Only cue what you see needs fixing.. do not brain dump all your knowledge on your class or you will have a 8 hour class.

* Challenging your class is easy by adding the weights to the push ups or lifting a leg in front or back body.

* careful cueing using the word NOT. If you say "do not set your feet as though on a tight rope" some clients here "be on a tight rope"

* weights go away at the end of the warm up (after stretches) not before

* there should be no static plank in the warm up

I hope this gives you all something to work on this week! ~ Leslie

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