Some of my BarSculpt teachers have noticed some opposition to the use of the BarSculpt description because we reference Pilates. The easiest thing for these instructors to do, is take out the reference. I understand that. I have no problem with that. However I feel like BarSculpt is Pilates standing up, Pilates evolved if you will, and I feel it may be time to talk about it.

In 2001 when I started my training program to teach Pilates I was given this discription. To be honest I am not sure where it is from. But it was given to me by Kimberly and Katherine Corp as I answered the phone for their business.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a truly unique exercise method develped by physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates. Everyday activities such a sitting, standing, running, playing sports, dancing or working out in a gym, strengthen some muscles groups but may leave other muscle groups weaker and underdeveloped. This results in imbalances, which cause fatigue, discomfort, pain and even immobility.

The results to expect from the Pilates approach: 

-improves posture and restores natural muscular balance

- achieve deep strength, flexibility and endurance

- Enhance mobility, reduce joint and lower back tension 

Based off this analysis of  the Pilates Method. I stand by BarSculpt being compared  to Pilates. Although the moves for each method are different and BarSculpt does add gravity back in the equation. These descriptions could almost be interchangeable for each class! However Joseph H. Pilates did not develop BarSculpt. I did!

Thanks for reading!

Leslie J. Guerin

- increases circulation, energy and awareness


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