Tuesday questions by Leslie J. Guerin

Tuesday questions by Leslie J. Guerin

While at the PMA teacher training summit in Miami last week I kept thinking... What would this look like if all the barre techniques got together and tried to agree on how many hours should be spent on different aspects of the training? Or if Lydia Bach's book "the Lotte Berk Method" should be included.  I dare say these conversations may not be as civilized as the Pilates Summit. But I dream we could all come together and be excited about the work we all do, regardless of the differences.

With BarSculpt I have tried to unify a community. Instead I have created many more offshoots and competition for my teachers. I know stopping now isn't really an option. I have studios who teach BarSculpt that love it and need new teachers. I have a fantastic training manual that I slaved over and teachers that I continue to learn from each and every day. I look forward to my work. I enjoy it. I'm damn fucking good at it. I know my skill level isn't the problem. Is it the ownership people run from? Is it the teachers right to create their own path and direction? Is there a way I could help them better at creating their own path?

I truly am excited to search and hopefully find answers to these questions. I would love any insight to be directed to..


I understand this blog offers no answers or conclusions. Just tortured thoughts that ruin my Tuesday bliss.

Everyone should read Lydia's book by the way!

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