I have learned a tremendous amount in the last few weeks. Many of these lessons are still being sorted out. But I wanted to share with you all that BarSculpt is a very powerful form of exercise. I know that barre classes are popular and trendy. But BarSculpt isn't successful because more people know of it (or of it's type). BarSculpt is successful because it pushes you beyond your comfort level, just enough to challenge your thought processes (and muscles of course). I find this every time I take a BarSculpt class. But I also found that this help me through the last few weeks of traveling, and grieving. It is easy to get stuck. It is easy to get into a cycle of stuck. It is hard to get out. I urge all of you fellow BarSculpt lovers or teachers to break your norm this week. I would love every teacher to ask students to do 5 more repetitions after you feel like YOU and they are done!  I would also urge the students to TRY the extra repetitions without saying the word CAN'T. I just wonder if this will put a new spin on the workout for everyone this week. I also hope that it gets those of us who are stuck, comfortable or fearful to do a bit more.

I have had the most eventful few weeks. My life is usually uneventful. I have a pretty steady routine, between my family, the studio and BarSculpt trainings I am used to being busy, but things are usually dependable. I even have a very steady client routine. Recently, between traveling to the SCW conference in Orlando to present, teaching two BarSculpt trainings in Massachusetts and coming home to my husbands birthday, Mothers day and the passing of my maternal grandmother it's almost my birthday and it seems like May has vanished already. I will be 37 this week. I have yet to process my new year, or reflect completely on the one I've almost completed. But it is time to set some goals for my coming year.

Happy May everyone.

~Leslie J. Guerin

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