Commitment Check

Commitment Check

So it's almost April. APRIL! The first quarter of the year is gone. How are you resolutions doing? Are you getting to the class or the gym as often as you wanted? Did your new eating plan stick?

April is the month to kick it into high gear. Not because it's a fresh start to the second quarter, but because we'll be into summer in July and filled with lots of other excuses.

BarSculpt wants to help you stick to your goals. With 30 days in April, it is possible for you to take advantage of the spring weather, taking your exercise outside AND keep your balance tone and flexibility developed in class.

WRITE DOWN YOUR SCHEDULE! It truly helps you gain control of your commitments to your health, fitness and goal achievements.

If you cannot get to class, and do not have a ballet barre, please check out the Mat video available for purchase on this website. THIS MONTH when you purchase you will also be given a ball to use while doing it!

Happy Spring to all!

Leslie J. Guerin




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