The sneaky stretch

The sneaky stretch

Why does BarSculpt make you feel so good?

Well that is hard to answer quickly. However after speaking with many physically active  clients over the years I am confident the difference is in the stretches. Most classes are organized with the stretches at the end. Many teachers experience that the clients skip the stretches all together, or are too exhausted to give them any energy. With the stretches placed throughout the class not only are we able to specifically target the tight areas, but they are sufficiently warm and ready to open up.

Similarly, BarSculpt teachers find that progress can be halted for a client who is not putting any effort into the stretches. If you keep watching a client week after week, or day after day, and there seems to be little or no improvement it may be time to speak to this in class.

The BarSculpt stretch class, which takes the strength portions out for the most part, is a fantastic start for anyone, but the BEST start for the client that cannot sit comfortably on the floor.

Headquarters currently offers this class privately. BarSculpt teachers wanting to add this to their schedule please contact for further details.

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