Pilates vs BarSculpt

Pilates vs BarSculpt

Are they different Pilates and BarSculpt. Hell YES!

Pilates, designed by Joseph H. Pilates and originally called Contrology, is a system of exercises designed to utilize your trunk (center, core, back) as the stabilizing force for all mobility in the limbs. It works because you concentrate on breath (which is hard to do while you are pulling in your abs) while adding your own body weight to your trunk. It's challenging because we tend to over work our neck, legs, hips and back to perform the Pilates exercises. One can do Pilates exercises for years and still cheat-I know I do. The beauty is finding your internal mantra. Mine is "pull in your ribs, drop your shoulders, and don't hyperextend your elbows," for most exercises. We all have a habitual movement pattern and I feel Pilates is the MOST excellent way to uncover it!

BarSculpt, designed by me, Leslie J. Guerin, integrates the amazing teacher training and LOVE of the classes at Lotte Berk Method with Pilates teacher training. BarSculpt, similar to Pilates, usually only uses one's own body weight as the external force. By adding the ballet barre the participants start on the larger muscle groups (not the core) and fatigue/stretch the muscles that try to take over for the trunk (center,core,back) until they are too tired. Once the larger muscles groups cannot actively do the exercises for the trunk we can focus on working it.

They are different. They are complimentary. You should try both. Not everyone will gravitate to both. I have been teaching Pilates for 13 years and BarSculpt (in various forms) for 15 years. I prefer BarSculpt, but do add Pilates into my weekly routine. I feel that both techniques are not replacements for each other, or in competition for your schedule, but amazing partners.

For more information on teacher training for either Pilates or BarSculpt® please contact Leslie@BarSculpt.com


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