BarSculpt the winning formula for a better Ski season!

BarSculpt the winning formula for a better Ski season!

Maine Winter

Whether you are a downhill slope warrior or a cross-country glider this is your time of year.  Get out there and enjoy the winter white while the snow falls.

In BarSculpt we talk a lot about functional fitness.  It isn’t just a buzzword, functional fitness it is the tangible result of a workout that simply works.   One of our instructors, Julie Fitzgerald, is experiencing her first ski season as a BarSculpt Instructor.  Julie has been teaching and taking BarSculpt since last Spring and she shares her own functional fitness experience with us:

I have to tell you something!  I've experienced shin pain whenever I put on, walked in, or skied with any alpine ski boot since I can remember - at least since I was 13 years old (and a cross-county runner).  I chalked it up to stuff you just suck up as part of downhill skiing.
This year, wearing my same old boots, I realized there was no more bruising shin pain and tenderness.  The only thing that's changed, as far as I can tell, is that my calf muscles are lengthened and the hard knots are gone.  This is only because of the stretches integrated into the BarSculpt programming.  Skiing was so much more fun.
Another surprising discovery was not getting the sewing machine leg syndrome on the first day back on the slopes, despite the heavy snow and effort. ThighWork and SeatWork built my muscular endurance more than I expected, and that's with a pretty minimal investment of time in class.
I just thought you should know (again) how great BarSculpt is for ski season training.

BarSculpt offers a unique kind of ski training.  ThighWork mimics the muscle work in skiing unlike traditional leg exercises such as lunges and squats.  Not only are we training the quads with isometric holds, key to a successful ski day, but performing the exercise up on the ball of the foot mimics the positioning of weight distribution in downhill skiing.

SeatWork doesn’t just make you look great in your ski pants it also gives you the ability to stabilize your form as you swoosh down the hill or across a bumpy trail.  Training both the front and back body equally is not only the goal of the class, but the winning formula to balance.

RoundBack, FlatBack and AbWork are essential in building the core strength necessary to conquer the slopes and fields without putting pressure on your back.  Without this strength the day after a ski session can be painful and may even require you to lie prone on your back while sipping hot toddies by the fire (you may choose to do this anyway and I fully support the decision, but the great thing is that you won’t be forced off the slopes by back pain, instead it will be your choice to spend the day by the fire).

BarSculpt Stretches lengthen everything out and give you the ability to go faster helping to make a softer landing.  Muscles that are lengthened and flexible can only get stronger.  Flexibility gained from stretching helps prevent injury from those sometimes-inevitable falls into the snow.

The strength and flexibility you build in class translates to your skis and beyond.  Go out there and enjoy the results of your hard work in class!  Whether you ski, snowboard or strap on crampons for a little ice hiking the strength and flexibility you build in class will translate to your cold-weather fun.

We want to hear how BarSculpt has translated into functional fitness for you.  Share your story with us in the comments.

See you at the barre and on the slopes! 

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