Barre Classes Vs. Dance Classes by Leslie J. Guerin

Barre Classes Vs. Dance Classes by Leslie J. Guerin

In my opinion any barre class worth taking has roots in the Lotte Berk Method and any class that uses the name ballet, dance, or barre without these roots could be anything from an adult dance class to aerobics. The influence of the Lotte Berk Method, and specifically my mentor Lydia Bach, has grown in the fitness industry like wildfire in the last few years.

BarSculpt came about after I had left the Lotte Berk Method. My intentions were not to create my own class. I left teaching to go on tour with a play. When I returned to NYC, I answered an ad to be trained to teach Pilates. Pilates training was difficult for me at first.  I was known as "tuck girl" throughout the first few weeks. But I went on to teach Pilates in NYC, and in England. It wasn't until moving home to Portland, ME when I realized that I missed teaching the Lotte Berk Method. I opened Pure Movement Portland with a partner and it wasn't until then, when I started teaching barre again that BarSculpt was born.

BarSculpt has so many of the wonderful elements of the original Lotte Berk Method class, but when I started teaching it again it was not the same class. At first without really trying I incorporated anatomical changes I learned through Pilates, from practicing the method in my own body and teaching endless clients. I have a reason for each and every change, omission, and modifications for every exercise/stretch. BarSculpt isn't the class that is jumping on the bandwagon. BarSculpt is the class others are trying to recreate. I firmly believe that if I had the opportunity to discuss my changes with my mentor she would be as proud of the program as I am.


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