I used to write everyday. When I moved to New York City it was after graduating from college and in hopes of becoming a theatre star, or better yet to get a gig on a soap opera. I moved to NYC with $500. Honestly THAT IS IT!

I stayed with friends while I was looking for a place. As a theatre major in college and a working actor for many years, I had many friends on the island.

My first job was selling Broadway t-shirts and memorabilia, my second job was at The Lotte Berk Method. I actually kept both for quite awhile.

I would leave my apartment on 110 & CPW around 5:40AM to catch the bus to work. As the bus would cross the top of the park before heading down 5th avenue I would start my 20 minutes of full stream consciousness writing. The Artists Way.

It's extremely commical to look back 13 years later at the young girl, new to the city, trying to find her calling. I was looking EVERYWHERE- but the most obvious place the job I was currently in, and throughly enjoying.

Maybe I hadn't worked in enough places. Maybe I was meant to see its significance until later. What I know now, is that working at The Lotte Berk Method was a foundational piece of my learning not just the making of a good teacher.

I LOVE BarSculpt. I do not mean the day I trademarked the name. I mean the years I have been practicing and transforming the work, slowly and steadily into the system it is today. The system that continues to inspire me to try harder. Not for vanity- for clarity. All my NY acting credits happened while at The Lotte Berk Method. Because the class formed me into a confident, strong, able and vibrant person. It is not one move, it is not ONE look, it is the system. The pattern that incorporates the whole.. MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

Give in to trying 10 classes. It is not a sales pitch, IT IS CHANGE!

10 hours of your 2013 is a fantastic goal! After which maybe you will write about if it worked or not.. I would really love to find out.

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