BarSculpt Helps!

BarSculpt Helps!

BarSculpt teachers come from all sorts of backgrounds, some fitness related, some not, and every single one of us has our own story of what BarSculpt means to us, how it has changed us and why we decided to teach.

Here is Shellie’s story of how BarSculpt helped her build strength and confidence in her body after a traumatic injury and surgeries. 

In 1995, at the age of 20 I was involved in a 2 car head on collision.

Lucky to be alive, I came away with multiple broken bones including a femoral compound fracture.  The doctors were clear that I was facing a complete joint replacement in my future; they just couldn’t give me an exact date.  12 years later, in my early thirties I underwent a total hip replacement.  The surgery was a GREAT success, but my journey back to normal was just beginning.  I powered through intensive physical therapy sessions coupled with retraining my mind to work in conjunction with my body.  I was for the first time in a long time pain free so this helped encourage me to keep going to make everything work together in a new way.

During this period of recovery and retraining I discovered Pilates and the reformer, which is designed to challenge and strengthen the body equally and was initially designed by Joseph Pilates to assist in injury rehabilitation.  This was HUGE as the last 12 years had been spent over compensating the injury resulting in me compromising my healthy joints and muscles.

Soon after finding my way onto the reformer I was introduced to BarSculpt and although I doubted my abilities to physically participate in this form of fitness, I forged ahead. Immediately I began feeling improvement in my posture, flexibility, overall strength and my level of wellbeing. I was hooked.

That was 6 years ago and I am still practicing this method faithfully – it is my primary form of exercise.  In July of 2011 I took a huge step forward and decided to become a BarSculpt instructor and now I am sharing and helping others to change their bodies and increase the mindfulness within.

It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to teach this amazing method of mind/body fitness, despite my initial doubts at what my body could achieve.  BarSculpt has changed my life for the better and I am looking forward to passing that along for years to come!

We want to hear YOUR story.  How did you find BarSculpt?  What has it meant to you?  Send your story to or share here in the comments section. 

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