Pregnancy and BarSculpt and interview with Kathy Trow by Lauren McShane

Pregnancy and BarSculpt and interview with Kathy Trow by Lauren McShane

Certified BarSculpt teacher

Kathy Trow, a certified BarSculpt instructor at H.Y.P. Studios is expecting her first child! Kathy has offered to share with us her experiences with the changes and challenges of BarSculpting pregnant. Look for more from Kathy as her pregnancy progresses!

> Hi Kathy! Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us! First off, how long have you been a fitness instructor?

Thanks Lauren 🙂 I started teaching Pilates in 2002. Over the years I have studied and been teaching Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic, TRX, yoga and most recently BarSculpt!

> How far along are you/When are you due?

I am 19 weeks along, almost halfway there.  My due date is January 3, 2013 so it could be a New Year's baby!

> What kinds of changes have you been noticing in your body?

One of the first and most immediate changes I noticed is the size of my chest! They are so much bigger and heavier, it makes me always want to skip jumping jacks during the BarSculpt warmup :). I also notice I get winded so easily now, sometimes even climbing stairs.

> Have your energy levels changed? (ie more tired before/after exercising/tougher in the mornings/evenings?)

I was Exhausted during the first trimester, but my energy level is a bit better now during the second trimester.

> What exercises are you currently avoiding?

I am avoiding exercises that require lying on my stomach and exercises requiring a lot of rotation. I also avoid lifting both legs during exercises under the barre.

> Any BarSculpt modifications you especially like or find different?

I really like that I can do and teach the majority of the BarSculpt exercises without modifications. Under the barre, I like being able to do alternating legs and still feel my obliques kick in.

> How is the selection for workout maternity clothes? 🙂

I'm so thankful for yoga pants and flowy Lululemon tops! That is what I live in now.

> Thank you Kathy! Congratulations!

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