Is BarSculpt a fad? By Sandy B.

Is BarSculpt a fad? By Sandy B.

Everyday another new fitness fad pops up.  Curves, CrossFit, Boot Camp, they all have enjoyed, or are enjoying their moment in the fitness spotlight.  New ones crop up all the time with names that have no entry in Mirriam Webster.  Have you heard of Gyrotonics, TRX or Piloxing?

Which ones have staying power and which ones provide a workout that is as safe as it is effective?  While I am all for anything that gets people moving and sweating these fads tend to flame up and out leaving temporary changes and sometimes-permanent damage in their wake.

Barre classes have been labeled as the latest “craze” in group fitness.  Popping up all over the country franchises are marketing barre workout forms to women (and men) with promises of a dancer’s body and sculpted muscles.  BarSculpt has been lumped in with these other classes as part of this latest craze.

BarSculpt may use a barre but it is not part of the “barre class” trend.  BarSculpt creator Leslie J. Guerin developed her program after studying time tested methods such as Pilates, Yoga and working directly with Lydia Bach the founder of the Lotte Berk Method studios where core exercises were combined with dance and yoga moves in an overall fitness program.  BarSculpt is a program that works for everyone and will work at every fitness level.  There is freedom within the structure of the class.  You never experience the same class twice, but your body gets the benefits of a structured workout that works.

Other Barre workouts may be the current flavor of the fitness set but BarSculpt sets itself apart by being a workout that works you from the inside out.  There are no grandiose promises of a dancer’s body – but there are promises that if you practice BarSculpt you will gain strength, stamina and flexibility.  You will discover a body that works for you in your daily life, not just while you are gripping a barre.  Strict attention is paid to each move, stretches are not perfunctory, they are an integral and just as important as seat and core work.  BarSculpt is designed to create functional fitness, to make our bodies function better in our daily lives.

Core exercises, strength work, active stretching and cardio intervals are combined in a safe, unique way that challenges muscles and creates strength, flexibility and stamina.  The combination of exercises in BarSculpt endure because they motivate, inspire and change your body from the inside out.

At the end of every class I hear people say they can’t wait to come back.  Instructors that have taken a BarSculpt training have called it the “Harvard of fitness trainings.”  Classes that make you want to keep coming back and keep challenging yourself, fitness instructors that learn the program and become immediate converts.  These are the hallmarks of a great program.

BarSculpt will motivate, inspire and change your body from the inside out, today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

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