What is up with the socks anyway?

What is up with the socks anyway?

Before every BarSculpt class you may see your Instructor looking down at everyone’s feet.  She isn’t checking pedicure colors, in fact she is actually checking to make sure your pedicure is covered with socks. So what is up with the socks anyway, why are they a BarSculpt requirement?

It is first and foremost to keep your body warm and limber, after all that marching to raise our hart rate and body temperature the last thing we want to do is see it all vanish out our toes.  Did you know 20% of your body heat is lost through your feet?  The deep stretches and strengthening exercises in BarSculpt make it vital that you remain warm and limber throughout the entire class.

The sock requirement was originated by The Lotte Berk Method.  It was realized that keeping all of the muscles as warm as possible prevented injuries and helped students work deeper.  As BarSculpt evolved the socks stayed, staying warm is key to success in barre work and having a warm body allows students to work deeper into stretches which result in long, lean, sculpted muscles.

Socks, particularly those with grippy bottoms also help on various floors available in BarSculpt rooms, whether you are on carpet or on wood, socks provide traction to avoid slipping and painful toe twisting.  They also help prevent sliding off freshly shellacked barres or barres made of slippery composite material.

Socks also help keep things sanitary.  Traditional wood barres are absorbent and all those feet on all those barres could make for some pretty funky shared bacteria.  So yes, we also wear socks to keep things nice and clean in BarSculpt.

The kind of sock you wear doesn’t matter, except they should be either cotton or a cotton blend.  I happen to very much prefer grippy socks, particularly during Bar Stretch when we have one foot on the bar with our heel dropped under, grippy socks make me feel secure at the barre.  They are also great for traction on all types of floors.

There is one other unofficial reason socks are required.  We wear socks to relieve the stress of having to get a fresh pedicure before class!  Unlike other classes at no point during BarSculpt will you be distracted by looking down at your toes and bemoaning the fact that you didn’t have time for a fresh coat of polish and time with a pumice stone.  Instead you can focus on stretching, strengthening and sculpting your entire body from the inside out.

Now go dig out your favorite pair of socks and find a BarSculpt class near you!  If you do happen to forget your socks you don’t need to miss out on your favorite workout, your studio offers socks for sale.  Now there are no excuses to hold you back.

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